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I am proud to announce that Sprint has come on board as the film's title sponsor for See What I'm Saying. We are in the progress of gearing up for an official announcement of Sprint's involvement which will include sponsorship of our world premiere, a 25-city tour of the film and the music video of our title song, "See What I'm Saying" that was written and performed by the rock band Powder for the film.

The music video will be filmed in Los Angeles with the professional Cirque Du Soleil type aerial act of the Silk Sisters, will feature several deaf actors from around the country and be filmed December 13-14, 2009 as a short film.

The storyline will be completely different from the documentary, based on a young deaf girl who has trouble communicating with her hearing mother and fantasizes about a world that is completely accessible to her. She shows her mother her beautiful world where everyone can sign and communicate easily.

There is some amazing new technology that Sprint has for the deaf and hard of hearing including SprintRelay, which utilizes video interpreters to interpret phone calls, Sprint Cap Tel and Web Cap Tel, which combines the convenience of a telephone with the text capabilities of the internet. We will show some of these features in our music video.

The music video will be shown before the feature documentary on the 25-city tour and online through both the See What I'm Saying website and on Sprint's website.

I'm uploading the storyboards for you to see the general idea of the music video.

Enjoy, and welcome to this next chapter in our journey!





I'm here, you're there, you ask me something...

(But I don't hear you)

I turn, you've left

And now there's nothing

(Unless you touch my shoulder)

I use my hands, I read your lips

I just want to talk to you.


Chorus: See What I'm Saying

See what I'm feeling

See what I'm trying, trying to break through

See what I'm saying

See what I'm being

Being myself 'cause I'm supposed to

Cause I have a voice like you.


You're here, I'm there

We start connecting

(I know you see me)

We laugh, we cry, communicating

So we come together

I use my hands, I read your lips

Now I can talk to you.



See what I'm saying

See what I'm feeling

See what I'm trying

Trying to break through

Chorus: (cont.)

See what I'm saying

See what I'm being

Being myself cause I'm supposed to

(myself cause I'm supposed to)

See what I'm saying

See what I'm feeling

Cause I... have a voice like you.

[lyrics by Powder for the motion picture SEE WHAT I'M SAYING. All rights reserved.]

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An award-winning documentary that follows four well-known entertainers in the deaf community: a comic, a drummer, an actor and a singer as they overcome personal obstacles and celebrate professional landmarks.

Running time: 90 minutes
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